Online Learning

SpraySMART now offers the following courses via our online learning portal:

  1. SpraySMART Chemical Accreditation Training – Update Course: Can be completed by those who have previously completed the Initial course. In NSW to be eligible for this course your previous accreditation must be no more than 6 months out of date.
  2. SpraySMART Chemical Accreditation Training – Initial Course: This course is ideal for those learners who are undertaking the training for the first time but cannot attend a face-to-face training day. This format involves attending one of our regular live video training sessions after completing the pre-course content online. You will also be required to send in videos that cover the practical content of the course or have your practical skills assessed via FaceTime or Video call with a SpraySMART trainer at a time convenient to you.

Our online training courses were specifically designed to give our users the ability to complete their SpraySMART training at their own pace from wherever they are, even while traveling, using an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.

Our online courses are recognized Australia wide and include the Australian Quality Framework Level 3 units,

  • AHCCHM307 – Prepare and Apply Chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases; and
  • AHCCHM304 – Transport and Store Chemicals.

You have 6 months from the time you enroll to complete your course.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Statement of Attainment that is recognised Australia-wide. This can be used to apply for the license you may require to apply chemicals in your State/Territory.

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