Update - Chemical Safety Training


By attending this training you will update your knowledge to the latest industry standards and current industry practice.

Payment Plan
Payment Amount Paid By Upfront
Chemical UPDATE Face to Face(GST Free Course) $275.00 No
Note: All payments are represented in Australian dollars
Career Pathways

This training may be a statutory requirement in your State of Territory. You will need to check with your local authorities to determine this.


Face to Face classroom based training and assessment: 4 hours.

Entry Requirements

To be able to undertake the update training learners must be at least 16 years old and provide evidence of previous training (Statement of Attainment) and their state/territory update requirements e.g. in NSW you must have been previously trained less than 5 years and 6 months prior to the course you want to attend.

Qualification Requirements

You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion. This does not replace your original Statement of Attainment.

Assessment Requirements

Face to face training and assessment.

Delivery Mode

Delivery of this course will be classroom based theory and practical training and assessment activities.

Materials or Equipment Required

You will need a pen (pencils not allowed) and a calculator. All other training materials will be provided at the course.

Units of Competence
AHCCHM304 Transport and store chemicals
AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
Training Schedules
Chemical Update Face to Face
Alectown24-07-2020 to 24-07-2020 Apply
Armidale01-09-2020 to 01-09-2020 Apply
Armidale25-11-2020 to 25-11-2020 Apply
Balranald16-09-2020 to 16-09-2020 Apply
Bankstown28-07-2020 to 28-07-2020 Apply
Bankstown27-10-2020 to 27-10-2020 Apply
Bankstown29-09-2020 to 29-09-2020 Apply
Bankstown25-08-2020 to 25-08-2020 Apply
Bankstown24-11-2020 to 24-11-2020 Apply
Barham15-09-2020 to 15-09-2020 Apply
Bathurst18-08-2020 to 18-08-2020 Apply
Bathurst19-11-2020 to 19-11-2020 Apply
Bega30-09-2020 to 30-09-2020 Apply
Bellingen16-10-2020 to 16-10-2020 Apply
Bingara20-10-2020 to 20-10-2020 Apply
Bonalbo09-10-2020 to 09-10-2020 Apply
Camden17-12-2020 to 17-12-2020 Apply
Camden15-10-2020 to 15-10-2020 Apply
Canowindra17-07-2020 to 17-07-2020 Apply
Casino18-08-2020 to 18-08-2020 Apply
Casino13-10-2020 to 13-10-2020 Apply
Cessnock17-08-2020 to 17-08-2020 Apply
Coffs Harbour20-08-2020 to 20-08-2020 Apply
Coffs Harbour14-10-2020 to 14-10-2020 Apply
Condobolin04-08-2020 to 04-08-2020 Apply
Condobolin03-09-2020 to 03-09-2020 Apply
Coolamon05-08-2020 to 05-08-2020 Apply
Cooma29-09-2020 to 29-09-2020 Apply
Coonabarabran22-07-2020 to 22-07-2020 Apply
Coonamble21-07-2020 to 21-07-2020 Apply
Cowra16-07-2020 to 16-07-2020 Apply
Cowra15-09-2020 to 15-09-2020 Apply
Dorrigo15-10-2020 to 15-10-2020 Apply
Dubbo23-07-2020 to 23-07-2020 Apply
Dungog26-10-2020 to 26-10-2020 Apply
Dungog21-07-2020 to 21-07-2020 Apply
Forbes27-07-2020 to 27-07-2020 Apply
Galston16-07-2020 to 16-07-2020 Apply
Galston23-09-2020 to 23-09-2020 Apply
Galston19-11-2020 to 19-11-2020 Apply
Gilgandra07-10-2020 to 07-10-2020 Apply
Gloucester27-10-2020 to 27-10-2020 Apply
Gloucester22-07-2020 to 22-07-2020 Apply
Goulburn10-09-2020 to 10-09-2020 Apply
Grafton30-10-2020 to 30-10-2020 Apply
Grafton19-08-2020 to 19-08-2020 Apply
Griffith06-10-2020 to 06-10-2020 Apply
Griffith04-11-2020 to 04-11-2020 Apply
Griffith01-09-2020 to 01-09-2020 Apply
Griffith01-12-2020 to 01-12-2020 Apply
Griffith04-08-2020 to 04-08-2020 Apply
Gunnedah29-07-2020 to 29-07-2020 Apply
Guyra03-09-2020 to 03-09-2020 Apply
Guyra24-11-2020 to 24-11-2020 Apply
Hay17-09-2020 to 17-09-2020 Apply
Hillston20-08-2020 to 20-08-2020 Apply
Hillston05-11-2020 to 05-11-2020 Apply
Jerilderie06-08-2020 to 06-08-2020 Apply
Kempsey19-10-2020 to 19-10-2020 Apply
Kempsey15-07-2020 to 15-07-2020 Apply
Leeton02-09-2020 to 02-09-2020 Apply
Lismore12-10-2020 to 12-10-2020 Apply
Lockhart21-07-2020 to 21-07-2020 Apply
Macksville29-10-2020 to 29-10-2020 Apply
Maitland15-10-2020 to 15-10-2020 Apply
Mandurama14-09-2020 to 14-09-2020 Apply
Mangrove Mountain20-07-2020 to 20-07-2020 Apply
Mangrove Mountain22-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 Apply
Molong20-08-2020 to 20-08-2020 Apply
Moree28-07-2020 to 28-07-2020 Apply
Moruya01-10-2020 to 01-10-2020 Apply
Moss Vale15-07-2020 to 15-07-2020 Apply
Moss Vale05-11-2020 to 05-11-2020 Apply
Mudgee06-08-2020 to 06-08-2020 Apply
Mudgee08-10-2020 to 08-10-2020 Apply
Murwillumbah11-12-2020 to 11-12-2020 Apply
Narrabri06-08-2020 to 06-08-2020 Apply
Narromine02-09-2020 to 02-09-2020 Apply
Newcastle15-07-2020 to 15-07-2020 Apply
Orange08-10-2020 to 08-10-2020 Apply
Port Macquarie20-10-2020 to 20-10-2020 Apply
Quirindi05-08-2020 to 05-08-2020 Apply
Scone27-10-2020 to 27-10-2020 Apply
Singleton04-08-2020 to 04-08-2020 Apply
Sutherland10-09-2020 to 10-09-2020 Apply
Tamworth08-10-2020 to 08-10-2020 Apply
Tamworth30-07-2020 to 30-07-2020 Apply
Taree21-10-2020 to 21-10-2020 Apply
Taree16-07-2020 to 16-07-2020 Apply
Temora11-08-2020 to 11-08-2020 Apply
Tenterfield22-10-2020 to 22-10-2020 Apply
Tumut03-09-2020 to 03-09-2020 Apply
Wagga Wagga19-08-2020 to 19-08-2020 Apply
Walcha02-09-2020 to 02-09-2020 Apply
Warren24-07-2020 to 24-07-2020 Apply
Wauchope23-07-2020 to 23-07-2020 Apply
Wauchope28-10-2020 to 28-10-2020 Apply
Wetherill Park07-10-2020 to 07-10-2020 Apply
Windsor15-09-2020 to 15-09-2020 Apply
Windsor17-11-2020 to 17-11-2020 Apply
Windsor21-07-2020 to 21-07-2020 Apply
Yass09-09-2020 to 09-09-2020 Apply
Young16-09-2020 to 16-09-2020 Apply
Young15-07-2020 to 15-07-2020 Apply
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